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Four New Madison, WI Restaurants to Try This Spring

Spring is in full swing, and Madison, WI’s culinary scene is blooming with new hidden gems and restaurants to explore! Our expert food tour guides have compiled their four must-try restaurants to try this season!

You better Belize it

You better Belize it

Aug 20 2021

When we arrived at the amazing Jungle Niche airbnb, we had no idea that it was so far from everything. The driver’s comment that he had “never taken anyone this far out here” should have been our clue about what was next. The listing’s description that it was “only 2 minutes” from restaurants was generous. Two minutes by super fast motorcycle, 10 minutes by car, and a 45 minute walk – and the sun was setting. We had rum, chocolate and mango between us. I mean, we weren’t going to starve…but still.

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