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Madison Eats Food Tours

We are one of the top things to do in Madison, Wisconsin.

Satisfy Your Culinary Curiosity

Madison Eats Food Tours is Madison, WI’s premier food tour company, focused on supporting local chefs, producers and food artisans.

Madison Eats gives you a taste of Madison, WI’s incredible food scene through walking and biking restaurant tours and culinary events. We partner exclusively with locally owned businesses, ensuring that your ticket purchase helps our city thrive! Madison Eats is locally owned and operated, with award-winning local food writer Otehlia Cassidy at the helm.

Madison Eats, was founded in 2012, with its roots going back much longer. Otehlia started delving into Madison’s rich food scene through a food blog, and soon after began offering international culinary tour experiences.

Madison Eats continues to offer international culinary tours while becoming deeply committed to supporting Madison’s local food economy. Madison Eats has grown to offer walking restaurant tours, bicycling brunch tours, private tours, bachelorette party outings, large group events, custom tours, market tours, and more!

Madison has an amazing, inspiring and growing local food movement that continues to make this city a top destination for food lovers everywhere. Through delicious meals and fun events, Madison Eats is here to help you build a lasting and memorable connection to our vibrant city.

Why Take a Food Tour?

Most tours last about 3 hours and include stops at 5-6 restaurants where you will enjoy delicious food and drink samples and learn about the people behind them. Our tours focus on food, fun and flavor!


Taste local, seasonal foods and enjoy behind-the-scenes tours of bakeries and breweries. Meet chefs, farmers and artisan producers.


Support Madison’s independently owned restaurants, stores, bakeries, breweries & more


Enjoy behind-the-scenes tours of bakeries and breweries. Meet chefs, farmers and artisan producers.


Learn about the history of Madison’s favorite neighborhoods and our iconic local foods and drinks


Explore and discover off-the-beaten path neighborhoods and new eateries, or re-discover your favorite dining destinations.


Create lasting memories fueled by delicious flavors and fun experiences while connecting with old and new friends

Meet Our Team

Or should we say, your team of guides and event producers. With these folks, you’re in great hands—so you can use your hands to pick up and eat all the delicious food you’ll encounter on our tours!

The food choices were totally awesome and unique to Madison.

Tour guides enjoying champagne and ice cream

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