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    Madison trEats - Local Food Collaboration Kits

    Enjoy curated food collaboration kits celebrating Madison's diverse local producers.

    Current Madison trEats offerings (Order by clicking the product name)

    Welcome to Madison TrEats! We hope you enjoy our curated heat and eat meal featuring local products from diverse producers! There is some prep or minimal cooking required. Additional items needed for drinks or your meal are listed below.

    Madison trEats Hawaiian BBQ kit!

    Madison trEats is excited to be bringing back our first collaboration meal, our Hawaiian BBQ feast – Hawaii 2.0! Enjoy delicious Hawaiian style sloppy joes with your choice of Nookspring farm ground beef and Aloha Wagon BBQ Sauce OR a scrumptious vegan version from Just Veggiez. The Hawaii 2.0 meal is complete with yummy slider buns by Stalzy’s, mouth-watering sweet pickles by Chef K. Clark, fresh pineapple slaw by Just Veggiez, and creamy potato salad by Savi Cafe. Finish off your meal the right way with delectable coconut macadamia nut chocolate chip bars by Looking Glass Bakery! Hawaii 2.0 also includes a recipe and most ingredients for a dark and stormy cocktail to sip on throughout your meal or enjoy with your dessert (rum and bitters not provided). This is a perfect meal for any night of the week or to celebrate the weekend. Also a great option for an easy meal during your Thanksgiving week! Hawaii 2.0 supports 10 local businesses, 3 are owned by people of color and 2 are Black owned. There is some prep or minimal cooking required. Vegetarian and meat options available.

    Included in the Hawaii 2.0 Meal:

    Hawaii style Sloppy Joe
    16 oz farm ground beef from Nookspring and Aloha BBQ sauce
    16 oz BBQ vegan dish by Just Veggiez

    4 Slider Buns by Stalzy’s
    15 oz Sweet Pickles from Chef K. Clark
    8 oz Pineapple Slaw from Just Veggiez
    16 oz Potato Salad by Savi Cafe
    2 Coconut Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Bars from Looking Glass Bakery

    For the drink:
    2 bottles of Top Note Ginger Beer
    1 Lime

    You’ll need to provide the rum and bitters to make the cocktail.

    Otehlia Cassidy stands in front of the WI State Capitol.

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