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Albondigas – Mexican style meatball soup recipe

Albondigas, or Mexican style meatball soup, is perfect for a winter day. This recipe is my variation on the many albondigas recipes.

Cold Cantaloupe-Cucumber Soup

This chilled cantaloupe-cucumber soup is the perfect dish for summer – light cool, refreshing and using what’s in season.

Instant Ramen Hack

Instant Ramen Hack

Jan 08 2021

Spice Up Your Instant Ramen Noodle Recipe with these simple hacks Instant ramen noodles are one of the quickest & easiest meals to throw together.…

Creamy winter squash soup Creamy Winter Squash Soup w/ Marshmallows and Bacon

Oh, Wisconsin. I love you so. One day spring is here, and everyone floods outside, bringing out the bikes, scooters, beer and frisbees. The next,…

Harissa chicken soup Harissa Chicken Soup

Harissa Chicken Soup

Nov 23 2015

Inspired by the first snowfall of the year, this soup evokes warmth and sunlight with its celebration of North African flavors including  Savory Accents harissa…

Golden lentil soup Golden Lentil Soup

Golden Lentil Soup

Nov 09 2015

The golden color and luscious flavor of this soup matches the beauty of a fall day. Serves many, takes about 45 minutes. Ingredients: 2 tbsp olive…

Sweet potato soup Sweet Potato-Red Lentil Stew

Maybe it’s just me, but rainy, brown days just don’t really evoke a holiday spirit. But soup does. I love nothing more than a piping…

Restaurant patrons dining at booth Best Beef Stew

Best Beef Stew

Jan 16 2014

I make this about once a week in the winter, and it satisfies everyone! Be sure to scroll down for the How-To video! Ingredients:  3…

Butternut squash soup Butternut Soup with Apple Confit

I am truly thankful for our neighbors. We live in the kind of neighborhood where we entrust each other with house keys, pets and children.…