What IS a Madison Eats Food Tour?
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What IS a Madison Eats Food Tour?

It’s just THE most fun way to experience Madison WI

WHAT is a Madison Eat Food Tour?

This is the most common question we get asked. What is a food tour? A food tour is simply a way to EXPERIENCE a place. We build a deeper more memorable connection to Madison through our #1 rated guided walking and biking tours of Madisons favorite foodie neighborhoods. Most tours take about 3 hours, and we visit 4-6 spots for tasting of the best food and drink in Madison, WI. Check out our video here!

Let’s go on a Madison Eats Food Tour!

WHO should take a Madison Eats Food Tour?

Everyone! Our tours are perfect for people visiting Madison for the first time as well as locals. We LOVE hosting teams from local companies or out of town who are wanting to find a way to enjoy time together without having to plan a thing – we take care of all of the details!

WHEN should we take a Madison Eats Food Tour?

If you are visiting from out of town, food tours are great to take at the beginning of your visit, so you can get to know the city better and figure out where you want to go back to. And yes, we run tours all year round, because here in Wisconsin, well, we adapt and appreciate the seasons. What better way to enjoy cool weather than with some delicious food and drink and good company in front of you?

WHY should we take a Madison Eats Food Tour?

Know that you are supporting a woman owned business that in turn supports LOCALLY owned businesses, farmers, community members, chefs, immigrants and our local economy. What’s not to love about that?

WHERE can we find Madison Eats Food Tours?

We host walking tours in 3 different neighborhoods – downtown, Atwood and Willy Street. We LOVE to create special events for your group and have hosted group bus tours as well as walking tours and biking tours. We take groups to breweries and distilleries, historic sites and great local food spots. THE OPTIONS are endless and we LOVE to create the event that is perfect for YOU!

HOW do I book a Madison Eats Food Tour?

Send us a message to get a quote for you private tour or book a public tour here!

Contact us for more information! You can email or call at 608-628-8927!