8 of The Best NA Drinks + Mocktails in Madison, WI
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8 of The Best NA Drinks + Mocktails in Madison, WI

8 Must-Try NA Beverages and Mocktails for the new year

8 Must-Try NA Beverages and Mocktails in Madison, WI

The holiday season is a time for joy, connection, and often a little — or a lot! — of indulgence. But as the champagne glasses empty and the New Year begins, many of us find ourselves looking for a way to reset and refresh — and maybe even put that boozy glass down.

Here are 8 of the best places in Madison, WI to get a mocktail or non-alcoholic drink (NA) drink,whether you are celebrating Dry January or like to indulge in fun, festive NA beverages.

Blind Shot Social Club

177 S Fair Oaks Avenue

Blind Shot Social Club opened in 2021 as a destination to swing golf clubs year-round in Madison. In this club (no entry fee required), you will also find the largest selection of NA cocktails, beer, and bottles of NA liquor to make your own drinks at home. BSSC is an exclusive host to certain items, where they are the only location in North America to serve some of their NA products. Blind Shot has a rotating NA cocktail list that will pair with their delicious bites.


101 King Street

Located right on the Capitol Square, Lucille is a Madison mainstay that offers a ‘vault’ of NA drinks that rotate depending on the season and occasion. Located in a former bank building, Lucille has an entire free-spirited menu to choose from featuring popular items from their craft cocktail selection sans the alcohol. Some favorites that can be found on the menu are the Honeycrisp and Tart Cherry Mule and the Pineapple Mint Nojito.

Table Wine

2301 Atwood Avenue

Table Wine, in the Atwood neighborhood, is a stellar option to find your perfect wine for sipping or pairing with snacks. Check out Table Wine’s extensive NA wine and spirits selection, with NA whites, reds, rose, and cider. Chat with the Table Wine staff to pick out your perfect NA wine selection for the season. Many of their wines are sourced from small wine makers, who really hone the craft of NA wine making. 

UPCOMING Event: Friday, January 19th, 2024: Zero Proof Tasting (tasting alcohol-free wines and other drinks)

Leopold’s Books Bar Caffe

1301 Regent St

Leopold’s mixes so many great things: coffee, a full bar, and a great book store. A part of that bar menu includes seasonally flavored NA cocktails to enjoy the atmosphere. From morning to evening, you can enjoy a delicious coffee drink or one of their expertly crafted non-alcoholic cocktails, that rotate throughout the seasons–our favorite, the pomegranate sage spritz. 

Hodge Podge

160 Keenan Ct, Suite 1, Verona, WI

Hodgepodge was founded in 2022 providing a comfortable space for people to enjoy local treats, including delicious cocktails and mocktails, treats by local purveyors and games to share with friends. The mocktail menu rotates seasonally and drinks are made with refreshing local ingredients. Snowy Reminiscence, a December special features cranberries, elderflower tonic and citrus notes in a festive glass. Bring your own glass/mug for loyalty points and help owners Katie and Kevin with their commitment to sustainability.

Cafe Hollander

701 Hilldale Way

Cafe Hollander is a favorite brunch spot in Madison, especially in the winter months where they offer domes to enjoy the outdoors — even on a chilly Wisconsin day. Being a brunch favorite, Cafe Hollander has great brunch mocktails to get the same drink flavors as your friends imbibing on a boozy mimosa or cocktail. The NA champagne option tastes exactly like the real thing — the bubbles and splash of orange juice, just without the alcohol. Pair it with a great brunch dish and dine in one of their winter domes for a great start to your wintry weekend.

Muskellounge and Sporting Club

4102 Monona Drive

Muskellounge and Sporting Club may not be the first place you think of when it comes to NA drink options. However, the Muskellounge has a great selection of mixed NA cocktails and beer options. Grab a stack of pull tabs and order yourself an NA beer or cocktail to enjoy the atmosphere of this Monona Drive favorite. The bar has their own creations along with pre-made St. Agrestis’s Phony Negroni and Amaro Falso. With the recent food addition of Hank’s next door, it is a great evening out to enjoy delicious food, stellar environment, and great NA drink options.

Untitled Art

1131 Uniek Drive, Waunakee, WI

Untitled Art, who works with brewing partner, Octopi Brewing, has a wide selection of canned non-alcoholic beers to enjoy. From a light italian pilsner, to a chocolate dark brew, IPAs, and even sours, you are sure to find an NA beer from Untitled Art that quenches your thirst for beer, without the alcohol. Untitled Art distributes their NA beer in Wisconsin and 22 other states.

COMING UP: Madison’s first ever NA Day event!

Following successful installments in Milwaukee, N/A Day will make its debut in Madison in 2024. On Saturday, January 13, the folks at Milwaukee Record bring their “Dry January” beverage fest to the Bur Oak. Vendors range from local operations like Untitled Art, Mad Maiden Shrub, Rude Brew Kombucha, and Lakefront Brewery to nationally-regarded brands like Athletic Brewing, Lagunitas, Liquid Death, and Clausthaler, among others.

Learn more HERE.

Go Deeper in Madison’s Food + Beverage Scene

Looking for more great bites and sips across Madison’s diverse neighborhoods? Join us on a guided food tour on the Capitol Square or in the historic Atwood neighborhood. We operate weekend walking tours year-round. There’s so much amazing food to explore in Madison — come experience it with us!