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Cold Cantaloupe-Cucumber Soup

This chilled cantaloupe-cucumber soup is the perfect dish for summer – light cool, refreshing and using what’s in season.

Vegan ceviche Palms, Pibil and Palapas – Two Days In Tulum

Nine Days on a Culinary and Cultural Vacation in the Yucatan and Quintana Roo. The story begins here… The magic of a place can take…

Mussels dish Three Favorite Madison Dishes of 2016

Selecting just a few favorite Madison dishes is like choosing a favorite child. It’s an impossible task. Though their redeeming qualities may differ greatly you…

Vegetarian bowl Favorite Madison, WI Vegetarian Dishes to Eat Now

In many parts of the world, plant proteins are dietary staples, as meat is prohibitively expensive. Tofu, tempeh, seitan and beans are common protein sources…

Golden lentil soup Golden Lentil Soup

Golden Lentil Soup

Nov 09 2015

The golden color and luscious flavor of this soup matches the beauty of a fall day. Serves many, takes about 45 minutes. Ingredients: 2 tbsp olive…