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Rock and mineral cookies

Rock and Mineral Cookies

So when my daughter comes home from school, says she has a science project to do, and they can make cookies, guess who got excited? Me She did! Baking for science? Of course. Not only is baking science, but her class was learning about geology so it had to relate to rocks and minerals.

Well, needless to say,  she wanted to do something super fun, and cool, and..hey, who’s class is this anyway. Well, finally, after I told her there were PINK minerals, and we could make a cookie with PINK on it, she agreed to move past chocolate chip cookies (sand and obsidian are cool, but…) and onto bling-y candy mineral cookies.

she couldn’t wait to start. After a web search for ideas we found this cool idea for rock and mineral cookies. We headed straight to the candy store, and made our version, pictured here…I think they turned out pretty great!

Can you guess what the rocks in minerals are? The cookies = sand (test: is sand a rock or mineral?) The minerals are serpentine, cuprite and turquoise. Look ’em up.  Okay, spoiler: turquoise is formed in dry, barren regions where there is copper in the ground. It was very fun, and educational, and yummy. I’m She’s ready for the next class project…Molten earth cake anyone?