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Do You Dream Big?

Do You Dream Big?

Your New Year’s resolutions are likely behind you, and already, spring is in the air. It sounds so cliche, but the months seem to just fly by. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself making resolutions that are “freebies” if sorts. Things I know I will do, just so I can feel accomplished. But I also dream big. I believe even the most seemingly far-fetched dreams can come true. Do you visualize the life you really want, and reach for the dreams you think impossible?

There’s nothing wrong with setting easy to achieve goals, or having dreams that are deemed “realistic”. Setting yourself up for success is the key to success, I think. This year one of my goals was to spend more time in nature. I love going out in nature, and more means at least a couple hikes a month. Totally doable.

But I also believe that taking risks, and challenging yourself to dream big is vital. And for me, the key to that was just changing the language I used in one simple way: Instead of saying “I will” or “I want to”, I started saying “I do.” For example, way back when I started Madison Eats food Tours, before I even started it in fact, I said to myself and others, “I own a food tour company” instead of saying “I want to start a food tour company.” I didn’t actually own a food tour company a the time. But I acted as if I did. Slowly, my words and actions became united.

What is my big dream for my business right now? I am the number one destination food tour company in Madison and Mexico. I experience 100% growth from last year. And I continue to provide the best, most enjoyable, delicious foodie experiences and tours that connect and empower our community.

What worked for me may not work for you, but I want to ask you anyway: Are you dreaming big enough? Watch the video below for my 5-minute story as told at Ignite.