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4 Best Burgers in Madison (You Haven’t Tried Yet)

Madison is a paradise for burger lovers. But with so many great burgers, some will fly under the radar. Here are four Madison burgers that deserve a taste!

9 New Madison, WI Restaurants to Try Now

Madison, Wisconsin keeps upping its food game! There are lots of new restaurants opening and the food offerings are diverse and delicious! I love to see what has emerged over the past year as local entrepreneurs continue to put Madison, WI on the map for food. Here are 9 new (and new-ish) restaurants you should try now, that have opened over the past few months.

Persian Fried chicken with rice from Joon Ten Favorite New Restaurants in Madison WI

Madison’s restaurant scene is always changing, with new restaurants popping up all the time! This makes for an exciting adventure for the local foodie or…