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Serving pouring rose wine at sunset for guests

Rosé and Sunsets – The Power Couple

It’s infinitely easier to see the world through rose colored glasses when you are handed multiple glasses of delicious rosé wine, noshing on delectable appetizers and looking out over the expanse of Lake Mendota as the sun sets, shedding a dozen brilliantly colored robes.

The rosé soiree at The Edgewater featured rosé wines from 3 regions – Italy, the Southern Hemisphere and the United States, paired with delicious small bites crafted by The Edgewater’s Chef Joe Heppe. The food and wine were impeccably planned; the sun just invited itself as the best dressed guest, and made an unforgettable exit.

I attended with a friend, and both of us being fairly orderly we started with the wines of Italy, which were listed first on the menu. The Zardetto Spumante Rosé offered a crisp stream of delicious and light bubbles. Leone de Castris “5 Roses” was next, followed by the Vitiano from Umbria, the driest of the three. I’m no wine expert, but my taste buds really enjoyed the Italian rosés, the first two being among my favorites. Succulent braised duck arancini, perfectly crisp on the outside stuffed with a mouthful of tender duck, were nestled on a bed of ramp aioli with a hint of heat. Salmon crostini were works of art and flavor, decorated with caviar and flowers. 

Next we headed to the Southern Hemisphere. The three rosés we tried seemed to match the rhythm of the setting sun, deepening with each sip. La Flor Rosè (Malbec), Viña Leyda (Pinot Noir) and Yalumba Y Series (Sangiovese) represented Argentina, Chile and Australia respectively. The tuna crackers were one of my favorite bites of the night, tender tuna marinated in rosé with dots of tahini sauce. The chicken thigh sliders were substantial, accented with an olive tapenade.

Finally we returned home, the western sky boasting a last gleam of orange and midnight blue that reflected off the waves of Lake Mendota. Two California wines, Saracina “Atrea” Skid and Anne Amie and Tank Garage,“Stars Like Ours” joined “Cuvée A Midnight Saignée” from Oregon. Fun names! We managed to find room for corn and shrimp fritters featuring Alsum Farms corn, on a smear of black garlic sauce, and of course dessert– strawberry shortcake with rosè and cardamom macerated strawberries and whipped cream. 

We left well after dark, an evening of  good food, good wine, good friends and a beautiful sunset lingering on our palate. 

Find Your Wine: We partner with two wonderful wine shops locally on our food tours that carry many rosés, Table Wine, 2045 Atwood Ave #111, and Square Wine Company, 5 N Pinckney St. Owners Molly Moran (Table Wine) and Andrea Hillsey (Square Wine) are approachable, friendly and super knowledgable!

Enjoy the View: The Edgewater’s Statehouse is a beautiful place to dine. Open seven days a week.