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Celebrating Six Years – a Giveaway!

Time to party, celebrate, sing and shout. And drink wine. I almost can’t believe it, but tomorrow, Madison Eats turns six!

I discovered my first email solicitation that I sent to friends on Sept 11th, 2011.

“I wanted to invite you to a trial of my new World of Flavors Eastside Restaurant tour that I am launching this fall. It is a 3 hour walking tour in the Atwood neighborhood and includes many yummy stops such as Ironworks Cafe and Bunky’s. The trial tour is free of charge, and only requires you to walk, eat and give me critical and constructive feedback!”
I don’t remember their feedback specifically, but I do remember that it started me on a path that I have enjoyed immeasurably and connected me with so many inspiring and wonderful people in our community.
To celebrate and thank you all for your support, I am hosting a giveaway supported by many of our great partners throughout our fair city (Madison WI), including Table Wine, Bandung Indonesian Restaurant, NCG Hotels, Next Door Brewing, Project Kinect, 100 Mile Sauce, Ian’s Pizza and Calliope Ice Cream. Hop on over to our Facebook and Instagram pages from Sept 15-22, 2017 to view/enter to win the giveaways!
Here’s to many more!