7 ways to feed your Chocolate Addiction in Madison, WI
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7 delicious chocolate treats to try

Chocolate bar or chocolate beer?

Chocolate never goes out of season, and there are so many ways to enjoy this delicious treat. Here are 7 ways to feed your chocolate addiction, from beer to bars, throughout Madison, WI. Chocolate comes from cacao, a tropical fruit, and the part that we eat actually comes from the fermented and roasted seed! It’s hard to believe that from this bitter and earthy seed we derive so much pleasure! Which of the seven chocolate treats will you try first?

Madison Chocolate Company

729 Glenway St, Madison WI

Madison Chocolate Company is a great stop for any chocolate lover. Between their seasonal selection of truffles and baked items, one is surely to find something to satisfy their taste buds. MCC also has a spicy hot chocolate that has just a bit of spice to warm you up on a cold day. If you are having a hard time deciding on the perfect chocolate treat for you, ask one of their employees to make a selection, based on what you like and they are sure to find a perfect, chocolatey bite (or sip) just for you

Infusions Chocolate

12503 Monroe Street, Madison WI

Infusions Chocolate is one of the most unique, delicious chocolate shops you will ever step into. The display of truffles they offer is like stepping into an art gallery with delicious works of chocolate art. Infusions offers a wide variety of truffle flavors, from key lime to vanilla creme brulee to raspberry chipotle. These truffle flavors rotate with the seasons. At the checkout counter, you will also see a rotating vessel of their drinking chocolate. Highly recommend taking a cup or a gallon of this drinking chocolate home with you.

Paleo Mama Bakery

409 S Few Street, Madison WI

Paleo Mama Bakery is hidden, right off of Williamson Street, on the east side of Madison. At Paleo Mama, they offer flavorful bakery bites for those who are paleo, keto, gluten free, or people looking for some delicious bakery treats. Paleo Mama’s goods are made on site and range from pizza crust to homemade french silk pie. If you are looking for a new bakery or on a specific diet, Paleo Mama will have something for everyone’s taste in mind.  

Paleo mama French silk pie

La Brioche True Food

2862 University Avenue Madison, WI

La Brioche True Food is tucked away in a strip mall of other shoppes on the near west side of Madison. There you can find a delicious selection of breakfast items. Be sure to take home some of their handmade baked goods, too. The head chef/baker at La Brioche was a chef at the legendary Ovens of Brittany. Their cakes, cookies, and pastries are giant and packed full of flavor.

La Brioche

Barley Pop

2045 Atwood Ave, Suite 107 Madison, WI

BarleyPop is a great place to find chocolate beers! It has 40 taps of a variety of specialty beer, from around the midwest, with a healthy selection of local, Madison beer. BarleyPop also has a selection of individual cans and bottles to take home to enjoy later. From the lightest seltzer to the heaviest imperial stout, BarleyPop will have the best choices for you. Two local chocolate beers we love Octopi Brewing Astronaut Peanut Butter Chocolate Imperial Porter and Untitled Art Mexican Style Chocolate Pot De Creme Stout.

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier

2083 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI

Gail Ambrosius started her company over 15 years ago after being laid off. During a field trip to France as a youth, she was intrigued by the chocolate truffles and returned there to train and master the proper chocolate technique. What was originally just a 1 woman operation has since grown to 10+ employees. Her specialty is uniquely flavored chocolate truffles made with single origin dark chocolates. Single origin means that the cacao that’s grown to create the chocolate all comes from one region (often, just one farm). Some unique truffle flavors she makes include earl gray, jasmine, espresso, shiitake mushroom, and sweet curry with saffron. We love partnering with her on our Atwood tour!

Chocolates from Gail Ambrosius


2086 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI

We love Nutkrack for their delicious caramelized pecans, but now we can go there to satisfy our chocolate craving! The magic bars are like your favorite childhood candy bar on steroids–their delicious original pecans with dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla nougat made by Mayana in Spooner, WI. Another great stop on our Atwood tour!